Tokyo Ejuice Saltnic 50mg (USA)

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Tokyo Ejuice Saltnic – Iced Lemon 50mg (USA) แท้พร้อมกล่อง 30ml

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1. ICE PEACH SALT: Fresh honey peach explode with all-natural flavor. Sweet and refreshing, with high-quality ingredients and a delightful taste.
2. ICE GRAPE  SALT: Experience the freshening blast of ice with a perfect of tantalizing and real purple grape.
3. ICE BANANA CAKE  SALT: Light and fluffy sponge cake filled with delicious banana custard cream from real fresh banana.
4. ICE WATERMELON SALT: iced watermelon by Tokyo ejuice ,  a blast of watermelon ,  tastes  exactly like a ripe luscious watermelon, taken out from the icebox, freshly split into slices  in hot summer days .
5. ICE HAMI MELON SALT : Iced Hami melon by Tokyo ejuice will refresh your senses. With notes of sweetness and juices that almost taste honeydew like, you get a stunning flavor that can be enjoyed all vape day.
6. CAPPUCCINO SALT : A hypnotic combination of various coffee beans infused with almond, caramel and cinnamon. This unique coffee flavor is specially for the cold or tough  days . With it you will cheer up.
7. CORN MILK SALT: corn milk is with no ice at all . It’s an ideal combination of sweet fruity corn and milk together just like an essential for the morning .
8. ICE STRAWBERRY YAKULT : Have you ever tried this flavor before?  The distinct  sour sweet yakult pairs perfectly with the strawberries .  Of course it is with modest ice that will make you keep vaping it.
9. ICE PINA COLADA SALT: A legendary Pina Colada flavor,  minus the hangover. A tropical pineapple flavor begins on inhale, swiftly followed by a sweet combination of coconut and light cream, before being finished off by a chilled ice.
10. ICE PASSION FRUIT : Fresh passionfruit with mild ice and sweet honey together, make the taste delicious and you will vape it all day.
ICE BLUEBERRY: a perfect blend of tarty blueberry sweetness with an icy, refreshing menthol finish. A perfect flavor for all day vape, Blueberry ice is a great choice for menthol lovers who want a fruit flavor experience that isn’t excessively sweet.
12. ICE MANGO PEACH: A new masterpiece for Tokyo family in 2022, is a mixture of mango and juicy peaches,  crafted with high-quality ingredients providing you with a vaping experience filled with flavor while crisp and clean.
ICED CRANBERRY RASPBERRY SALT: Cranberry and raspberry masterly combined with modest ice.
14. ICED STRAWBERRY MANGO SALT: This flavor is a blend of icy strawberry and ripe fresh tropical mango.
ICED STRAWBERRY LYCHEE SALT: A perfect combination of icy sweet strawberry and juicy lychee.
16. ICED STRAWBERRY KIWI SALT: An ideal mixture of iced strawberry and New Zealand fresh kiwifruit.
17. ICED STRAWBERRY WATERMELON SALT : A great combination of iced strawberry and watermelon.
18. ICED BLUEBERRY WATERMELON SALT : A great combination of ripe sweet blueberry  and icy watermelon.
19. ICED FRUIT BOMB SALT : Several different fruits mixing together to produce a delicious taste.
ICED PAECH MELON SALT : Fresh honey peach and hami melon mixed together with ice, which generates a mouth watering taste.


Brand Name: Tokyo E Juice
VG/PG: 50%/50%
Size: 30 ml




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